Preparing Your Home To Sell - Price



Preparing Your Home To Sell - Preparation

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Price and Preparation go hand in hand, and if you look at this graph, you will see how that works. See the two lines? The left axis is price and the bottom axis is preparation.

If we look at homes along the Price axis and move away from the intercept you will find homes that have been priced incorrectly. These homes are OUT of the market. These are homes that are guaranteed not to sell, and in fact, their price clearly indicates they don’t want to sell.

The homes out to the far right along the Preparation axis are those that are in poor condition or badly presented. These are homes that are not staged appropriately or -- more likely -- not staged at all.

As we move towards the intersection of these two axes we find the homes that are most aggressively priced as well as those that are in pristine condition. These homes are IN the market.

What we’ve noticed that some agents are only concerned with getting your home ON the market. They’re not so concerned about your home being IN the market, which is the place your home is guaranteed to sell for the most money possible

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